Cappie loves making new friends and he recently bonded super well with Sven the Swan while taking a dip in the lake of Thun in Switzerland. After floating around in the water for Sven kindly let Cappie have a seat on his back. They immediately got along well and Cappie loved sitting on top of his new friend and they instantly became besties….

Duckster meets Swan

Duckster Cappie had heard a lot of stories about not so friendly and mildly aggresive swans in his life. Therefore he was pleasantly surprised this summer when he met the friendliest swan ever. Sven the Swan was splashing around lake Thun in the swiss Bernese Oberland when rubber ducksters cappie came floating by. After a bit of chitchatting Sven had a great idea: “Why don’t you come sit on my back and we continue exploring the lake together. I am a much faster swimmer and if you sit on my back we can stay easily together”.

And so it came to be that rubber duckster cappie and Sven the Swan became besties and ahad a great afternoon swimming, floating and exploring the lake of Thun.

It might have helped that in reality Sven got distracted by some yummy food while cappie climbed on his back, but that is just a minor detail =)

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