The adventure ducksters love a good treasure and scavenger hunt. They love to solve riddles, overcome challenges, searching for clues and finding new locations. That’s why they have created a range of these treasure hunts in the locations they know best. The first one ever created was in Interlaken (Switzerland) as an activity to give the duckster adventure hostel guests a new activity that combines fun, mystery, skill and exploration in the middle of the Switzerland’s Jungfrau region. More treasure hunts followed shortly after….

Interlaken Adventure Duckster Treasure Hunt

The original Interlaken ducksters treasure and scavenger hunt lets you explore Interlaken’s water wonders by following its rivers, scavenging around its gorgeous lake shorelines and impressive waterfalls. With an action pack of adventurous tools, which you earn by solving the clues at the start of the hunt, you hit the road and with duckster’s help you will go on an adventure of a lifetime!

For more info on this original Interlaken activity and adventure have a look here.

GIF animation adventure ducksters Interlaken Weissenau castle ruin bubbles (3)