The adventure ducksters have a clear favourite when it comes to swimming in high-Alpine lakes. They are always up for a refreshing dip & dive and especially when the backdrop is full of glaciers and snowcapped mountains including the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau right at the Bachalpsee (Bachalp lake).

Bachalpsee the most beautiful Swiss lake for an Alpine Swim

Swimming in a lake high up in the Swiss Alps just is a lot of fun. Sunshine and a bit refreshing but oh so revitalizing that’s exactly what the adventure ducksters enjoy most. And the proof is in the pictures =)

Read about there entire adventure in the Bachalpsee and the subsequent hike they did to Schynige Platte here.

Logically our adventurous feathered friends had to go for a group picture together in such a stunning spot….

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