Balloons are awesome art tools too and a great material to make a unique and bubbly balloon rubber duck or duckster. Its not hard at all if you let the adventure ducksters guide you into a quacking balloon art project by following the instructions in the videos below

How to make a bubbly balloon rubber Duckster

There is multiple ways to make a bubbly balloon rubber duck and therefore we have gathered the best instruction videos below. So grab some balloons, make sure you have enough breath to blow up those rubbery balloons to create a unique and fun balloon rubber duck.

Balloon tube has a fun version too with great and easy instructions…

A slightly more difficult balloon duck blowing and deforming exercise comes from the guys at the balloon twisting club.

How to make a bubbly balloon rubber duckster adventure

Or maybe you want to make a balloon version of piyo piyo the rubber duck…

If you would rather draw a rubber ducky or fold one with origami paper instead of using balloons have a look at our rubber ducksters art section.

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