The adventure rubber ducksters are fun of little arty home projects like drawing rubber ducks. What seemed difficult at first actually turned out to be remarkably easy and now the ducksters draw cute yellow ducks as their second nature. Its heaps of fun and you should definitely give it a try.

How to draw a Remarkable Rubber Duck(ster)

No one rubber duck is the same so first off you gotta decide what kind of remarkable rubber duck you want to draw. A cute one, adventurous soul, angry, happy, sad or just a quack quacking yellow rubber duck.

For a cute rubber duck have a look at the video below…

Alternatively for a bit more of a serious and neutral looking duck check out this video…

For a bit more advanced rubber duck drawing you should follow the instructions in the video below

Let duckster and his friends know what is your favourite duck drawing and maybe you even manage to draw one of the adventure ducksters themselves at some point….

For more DIY rubber duck art projects like origami folding a rubber duck or making a rubber duck out of balloons have a look at our duckster art section

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