Every outdoor adventure gets better with the right tune. A good song and great music just enhance that hike, scaling that peak or running that run. Quacking music matters! The right music gets you into a flow (or fl’eau as we like to call it) and before you know it you got further than you ever imagined while having more fun than you though possible.

Duckster’s dancing, singing and quacking music favourites

Duckster has many favourite songs, dance moves and karaoke songs to sing-along with. Its a matter of time of the day, how tired he is from his previous adventure and which great duckster friends are around.

Some of his favourites are Pulcino Pio, the 1.5 billion view youtube duckling sensation and the Nighthunters who actually “don’t give a duck!”

For more musical, dancing and singing duckster favourites have a look at the links below: