What if we told you that there is a hidden peak, a special spiky mountain that will blow your mind, and that is completely unknown just around the corner from stunning Interlaken!? Indeed there is a place like that and the ducksters happened to discover it when they were roaming through the gorgeous Swiss alps high above Interlaken. It resembles both the Matterhorn, a peak from the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie, has a great similarity to Asgard in the Thor film and series plus it is just stunning by itself. However it is completely unknown and slightly hidden and therefore has no common name. The adventure ducksters thought that was unheard of and so they decided to give their newly discoved mountain peak a good name: the duckster galaxy peak.

Less colourful but equally spiky are the mountains of Asgard and Ego in Thor Ragnarok and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies respectively. Like the adventure ducksters the movie heroes like the Hulk, Thor and Loki like posing towards Asgard, Ego and the Duckster Galaxy Peak

Duckster galaxy peak

The ducksters decided to name their favourite spiky peak the ‘Duckster Galaxy Peak’ as it both resembled Ego from their favourite movie ‘ Galaxy of the Guardians’ and its spiky form is pointing upwards to the star laden galaxy they so adore.

So what do you think, does the duckster galaxy peak has more similarities to Asgard or Ego!?

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