The ducksters love making animal friends but sometimes their adventurous spirits are a bit too naive and it gets them into trouble. When hiking the Eiger trail this summer they had one such a shocking experience with a curious cow.

Ducksters battle a curious cow

What started as a nice hike and peaceful picnic in a field ended in a close up encounter with a curious cow. After hiking the incredible Eiger trail high above Grindelwald for a few hours ducksters and his friends where ready for a lunch picnic. On the meadows underneath the Eiger North face they found a comfortable spot, that is until a curious cow approached them slowly. Grazing in the distance at first the alpine Swiss cow came closer by the minute until he set his eyes on our yellow and purple duckster friends. And then he charged forward, licking at first but putting cappied duckster completely in his mouth afterwards. It was only because of purple’s loud scream that the cow got scared, dropped cappie and ran off in the distance towards greener pastures. Wow, that was close and even for the adventure rubber ducks a bit too much adventure! With raised adrenaline levels they continued their hike towards the top on a day that felt like their lucky day

Harder Kulm cow was much nicer

The ducksters naively assumed the curious cow would be a friendly animal as they had a great encounter with another cow on the top of Interlaken’s Harder Kulm.

That encounter was gentle and nice, the cow even let yellow rubber duckster sit on top of his head for a picture.

For a full report on the duckster Harder Kulm visit including the stunning vistas read on here.

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