The Ducksters love a good lake and mountain destination as it means they can combine their love for water and mountain activities. Not so long ago they went for a refreshing weekend escape to the North of Italy. With Verbania, Lago Maggiore and its islands as getaway destinations the ducksters did not get disappointed at all and heaps of fun.

Ducksters visit Lago Maggiore

Great pasta, lasagna & affogato ice cream espresso in an eternal flow is what the ducksters love about Italy. Add the gorgeous Lago Maggiore lake, a mountain top hostel in Verbania, the fantastic islands of ‘Isla Madre’ and ‘Isla Pescatore / Superiore’ and you know the ducksters will love that adventure. And so it was that on a long weekend in September the Ducksters went adventuring in the Lago Maggiore area. Wow. so Quacking good!

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