The adventure ducksters are global explorers that voyage across national and continental borders as if the world is one big playground (which indeed it is). They regularly return to Switzerland where they live, run an adventure hostel in Interlaken but that’s all just in between their global travel adventures.

All Global Duckster Adventures

For an overview of all global duckster travel & outdoor adventures check-out our blog & posts page here, its where the ducksters post all their stories and blog, vlog & discuss all their crazy and exciting global adventures.

Below you can see some examples of the Greek ducksters exploring Santorini and Crete. For more Greek Duckster travel adventures have a look in the Greece duckster category.

The Ducksters absolutely loved their trip to the Lago Maggiore area in Italy. Exploring the lake, its islands and the surrounding mountains they had an absolute blast which the pictures below give you a sneak preview of. All Italian adventures can be found here.