What the duck!? I don’t give a duck! The ducksters are entering mainstream slang and language among the popular vernacular and pop-song culture which got kickstarted in the seventies by Sesame Street’s Rubber Duckie. I don’t give a Duck is another song that we are adding to the growing list of duck sauces and songs. Given that the rubber ducksters love to dismiss the naysayers and go on grand adventures no matter how many people say they can’t be done the ‘I don’t give a duck!’ saying makes a lot of sense..And the accompanying song by the nighthunters is the soundtrack to this ‘i don’t care and it can be done’ attitude!

I don’t give a duck, the song

Nighthunters’ song is fun, entertaining and a great theme song for not giving a duck. Logically it features loads of adventurous rubber ducks including the biggest one of them all….

I don’t give a duck!

Do you care much about what others think? Well just like the ducksters you shouldn’t. Just be yourself, believe in the adventure that is your life, make bold choices and never regret things you did only things you didn’t do! The ducksters don’t give a duck and go their own way. They try new things and make them part of their lifelong learning path where anything tried becomes a lesson learned and an experience gained.

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