Meet Binky Bubble the bathtub foamy fan. Binky loves bubbles, be it in his foamy bathbub or while playing around with his bubble blower on scenic spots. He just needs bubbles….and its therfore that his favourite drink has to be bubbly like a good glass of champagne, bubbly prosecco or sparkling water.

Meet Binky Bubble

Hello Ducklings, here’s another duckling duckster. Let me join this amazing line of the duckster family. My name is BINKY BUBBLE and I like to bubble in my bath tub foam bubbles. For a Swiss weekend I would definitely like to leave my bubble bath to experience a super bubble traveling party that also want to go explore & experience crayz bubbly things with other ducksters (e.g. Ducktape or Christine le Duck), dragons and dinosaurs! Anyhow I’m super interested in meeting you all. Greetings.

– Binky Bubble –
Binky Bubble on a music Festival called Festivallz in Weert, the Netherlands

Binky is also part of the Dutch Duckster gang and his orignal introduction was as follows…

Hallo Eendgenoten, hier is er weer eendje! Ik sluit aan in de rij van de eenden familie. Mijn naam is BINKY BUBBEL en ik bubbel graag in mijn schuimbubbel. Voor een Zwitserleven weekeend verlaat ik deze graag om samen met eenden, woerden en pulletjes een super bubbel festijn te beleven! Ik heb er in ieder geval oneendig veel zin in. Groetjes van BINKY BUBBEL

Binky Bubble

Binky bubble with friends on a weekend trip to the Southern hills of Holland

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