Quack quack quack may I introduce myself to the duck family. I am duckster Flower Power and I miss the ninety sixties when the flower power movement partied hard and peace, love and rock and roll where all we ducksters needed. I really like to put the flowers outside, preferably not just by my ducking self but with my flower power loving duckster family and friends. Hopefully we can party together sometime soon to bring back that brilliant flower power era feeling. In the meantime I am just chilling in my favourite flower bed to get some power. Quack quack quack greetings from Flower Power

-Flower Power-

Flower power is Dutch Duckster that originally introduced herself in Dutch with the following words:

Kwaak kwaak kwaak mag ik mij even voorstellen aan de eendenfamilie.  Ik ben eendje Flower Power en ik zet héél graag de bloemetjes buiten maar dat is niet zo gezellig in mijn eendje dus wacht ik rustig af tot héél de eendenfamilie bij elkaar is.  Kwaak kwaak kwaak de groetjes van

Flower Power

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