Fonduck is an absolute Swiss cheese fondue lover. He just can’t get enough of dipping his food in golden melted Swiss cheese. The more sides there are to dip the better. Next to bread and potatoes he loves dipping pickles and pickled onion, pineapple, olives but also bell peppers all so nicely served in the Fondue Villa & Garden. The latter is definitely his favourite fondue restaurant in Switzerland, not the least because they let him sometimes even take a cheese bath in a caquelon!

Fonduck, the duckster fond of Swiss cheese fondue

That rubber duckster fonduck is an absolute cheese and fondue lover might come as no surprise because, well, who doesn’t like cheese fondue afterall! Duckster got hooked to the dish when trying the extensive range of fondue flavours served by the Fondue Villa & Garden Interlaken.

Eating their cheese fondue is great but floating in it is even greater fonduck believes.

Fonduck Hostel

Duckster recently discovered that the word fonduck has a different meaning as well. In the North of Africa the word fonduck signifies an Arabian inn or hotel. Fonduck basically means a hotel in Arabic but in standard Arabic it means an inn or a manor house. The word entered the English dictionary during the 19th and 20th centuries.
Alternative forms *fondak *fonduk *fondaco *fonduq *funduq

This fun coincidence means that the duckster hostel is a fonduck at the same time!

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