Lucky ducky is also one of the Dutch Ducksters that love to have fun and adventure about…

Hi everyone, my name is LUCKY DUCKY. I have been a bit late introducing myself but I have been terribly busy lately, now finally it is time.
For months, weeks, days I had been counting down the days for the amazing fun fair of weird…uhh Weert I mean, that quaint city in the South-East of Holland. And my goodness how I enjoyed all that fun around me this weekend; WIERT weird Weert FUN ?. I loved the games, music, crowds and fun around me, but also the immense freedom and flashing disco lights everywhere. I am sure Purple Disco Machine would have love it here too! Can you find me in the picture at the fair that I took and show below….See you soon!

Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky adventure duckster- Hanneke & Gert-Jan

Original Dutch introduction by Adventure Duckster Lucky Ducky

Mijn naam is LUCKY DUCK ? Hè hè…..eindelijk was het dan zover!! Maanden, weken, dagen afgeteld…..wat heb ik dit weekend genoten van al die gezelligheid om me heen; WIEERT KERMIS ? ? Ik ben namelijk niet v(d)oor één gat te vangen! Ik houd van spelletjes, van muziek, van drukte en gezelligheid om me heen maar ook van de vrijheid! Ik reis graag naar de leukste plekjes in binnen-en buitenland!

Lucky Ducky – Adventure Duckster

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