Meet pink Marleendje the Dutch Duckster commonly known as Mar’le Duck. She is a bright, fun and vibrant duckster anyone loves to be around with. Sometimes she loves sticking to herself while having some excellent quality alone time. On the flip side however she also loves a good party and social vibes on weekend days as she needs it to recharge her duckster batteries too….

Meet Mar’le Duck aka Pink Marleendje

Hello you all! I’m Pink Marleendje, internationally more well known as Mar’le Duck. As opposed to the always doubling Twood I am by myself and I love it. Alone but not lonely at all. I am very much looking forward to meeting up again with my entire duckster family and their youngsters in Interlaken soon to enjoy all the fun in the sun and many parties over there. I don’t know yet if I’m going to dance with sticky Ducktape, because I’m afraid I won’t get loose from him anymore.? I’m really looking forward to it all. See you all soon.❤️??

Pink Mar’le Duck aka Marleendje

Pink Mar(c)leendje Mar'le Duck - Jeanne

As a member of the notorious Dutch Ducksters Pink Marleendje introduced herself originally in Dutch:

Hallo allemaal! Ik ben Pink Mar(c)leentje en ik ben in mijn eendje, maar ik verheug me er op om straks samen te zijn met mijn hele (eenden)familie en hun jonkies om lekker te genieten van de gezelligheid. Ik weet wel nog niet of ik met Ducktape ga dansen, want ik ben bang dat ik dan niet meer los kom.? Ik heb er heel veel zin in. Tot snel allemaal.❤️??

Pink Marleendje

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