Vlêrkske just loves winging it. He tries things, does adventures and goes many places…

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself: my name is ‘Vlêrkske’, a local Dutch Weerter dialect word meaning wing. Well they call me Wingster more often.
I recently wrote a very nice cook book full of duckster recipes, just to make a bit of money and finance all my travel adventures. The Chicken wing recipes in there are absolutely delicous.
Besides that I just love adventures and love to solve riddles and puzzles. Together with my duckster friends I love to party too and thorougly enjoy a few drinks with them.
I also love to travel and have visited lots of countries already. In every country they call me differently because my Dutch dialect name is a bit hard to pronounce in foreign places.
In France they call me Aile
In China they call me 翅膀 which is pronounced Chìbǎng
In Rio de Janeiro they call me Asa
Maybe in English they should call me Wings…
In October 2022 me, and all the other Dutch Ducksters are going on a big adventure. I, together with them, booked a fantastic group trip to Interlaken in Switzerland. I am really curious how they will call me over there.
I saw the passenger list of my fellow travelers the other day and their names are looking promising and bode a lot of fun and festivities. I saw that Ducktape, FlowerPower, Twood, Christine le Duck, Purple Disco and his Machine, Ducktective, Pink Marleentje aka Mar’la’duck, Binky Bubble, Devil Duvel Dick and Lucky Ducky are all coming along. I am very curious which other ducksters will join….The more duckster, the more quackin fun we will have. I am keeping my wings crossed that it will be an awesome adventure. I can only encourage other ducksters to joing because going on a trip, a change of environment and new adventures are healthy for the duckster mind

Vlêrkske, the naughty adventure duckster
Also known as Aile, Chìbǎng, Asa or Wingster in faraway foreign lands

Vlêrkske naughty adventure duckster - Cindy & Sacco

That Vlêrkske loves to have fun can be seen in the pics he send in from him visiting the big fun fair of Weert in the South-East of Holland. He loves that place with all the fun rides, flashy lights and cuddly animal friends.

The original Dutch Weerter dialect introduction of Vlêrkske you can find below:

Hallo allemaol. Effe veurstélle, miene naam és Vlêrkske. Zoeë staon ich bekindj in oos Wieërt. Ich heb kort geleje e leuk reseptebook uutgebrachtj um e bitje geldj in ’t laetje te brînge. Ich bin avontuurlik aangelagdj en haoj van puzele. Mét mien aendjevrînj maak ich d’r gaer e fieësje van en ich bin neet vies van e klein drènkske op z’ne tiêd. Mer waat ich ouch hieël gaer doon és op reis gaon. Ich heb ongerhând al hieël wat lendj bezochtj en ooverâl woeë ich kom neume ze mich ângers.
In Frânkriêk heît ich Aile
In China heît ich 翅膀     
En in Rio neumdje ze mich Asa.
Noow moog ich in oktoeëber weer op avontuur. Ich heb ‘ne leuke groepsreis gebooktj nao Zwitserlând en ich bin superbenoedj wi-j ze mich dao gaon neume. De passazjierslieëst heb ich vandaag doorgekrege mer hae és, gluîf ich, nog neet kompleet. De name di-j d’r tot noow tow in staon beloove waal ‘ne houp laol en plezeer. Zoeë heb ich gezeen det der o.a. eine Ducktape, FlowerPower, Tweed, Christine le Duck, Purple Disco, Ducktective, Pink Marleentje en Binky Bubble met  gaon. Ich bin hieël benoedj weem dao nog beej keumtj. Wi-j mieër aendje, wi-j mieër plezeer zégk ich altiêd mer. Ich heb d’r in eeder gevâl super völ zin in en kân neet wachte totj zoeëwiêt és. Mer, ich heb ieërst zaoterdig nog e tof fieëstje. Dao heb ich ein van miên béste aendjevrînj ouch vör uutgenuuëdigdj. Hae wis nog neet zeêker of hae kos, mer ich hoop van waal. Vleugels gekruûsj. In eeder gevâl, ve gaon op nao now avonture, want jao, vae aendje motte d’r aaf en tow waal uut!!

Vlêrkske, the naughty adventure duckster
Vlêrkske naughty adventure duckster - Cindy & Sacco

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