The adventure ducksters, like any adventurer, love going for a drink and dance after a day in the great outdoors exploring scenic spots and discovering new places. One of their favourite songs to flap their wings loose after an adventurous day is Pulcino also known in English as ‘The Little Chick Cheep’. If you listen to this catchy song you will understand why its duckster’s favourite song to re-energize after a big travel & exploration day out!

Ducckster dances & sings with Pulcino Pio

With 1.5 billion views on youtube the Pulcino Pio song and video is the most watched duckling video of all time. Even Donald Duck has a hard time beating that amount of views.

Duckster just love Pulcino Pio, both his song, dance and great yellow feathery look. Matter of fact duckster cool and Pulcino actually look a bit alike don’t you think?

It was actually Twood who got duckster and pulcino pio in touch and they have been besties ever since sharing a passion for good music, bad dance moves and great adventures!

The Little Chick Cheep…and other languages

The little chick cheep video has been a true viral internet sensation, just like the adventure ducks, and there is a version for about any language in the world. Check below for the English, Dutch, Italian, French and German version.

Surprisingly the Spanish version of this great song has the most views of them all. With 1.5 billion views this duckling karaoke video beats the original Italian version which has only 350 million views.

Das kleine Küken piept in German

Le poussin piou in French

Het kuikentje piep in Dutch

But the best of them all for Western and Latin language based speaker with an alphabet is the Chinese version of this catchy song called 小雞嗶嗶 (Xiao Gi Bi Bi)

For more of duckster’s music choices, dance moves and party explosions have a look here.

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