A big flock of the adventure ducksters live and work in Switzerland. In Interlaken, the scenic and adventure travel capital of Europe is where they hang-out, go on many lake & mountain adventures and where they run their own duckster animal hostel. These Swiss ducksters are real mountain lovers who fly, swim, float, raft, paraglide, skydive, bungee jump, explore canyons, road bike, hike, mouintaineer, climb in the stunning Jungfrau region. They even go on glacier adventures in high alpine areas.

Swiss Adventure Ducksters Interlaken

The Swiss adventure ducksters blog about their adventures on their own local webiste https://adventureinterlaken.info Be sure to check it out if you plan on visiting Interlaken and the Jungfrau area as its full of duckster adventures, local travel tips, fantastic duckster treasure hunts, original activities and the most hidden scenic spots only an adventurous duck would know about.

The Interlaken ducksters are an active bunch always exploring or adventuring. They have created a fantastic treasure around the Interlaken area where they guide you to the most scenic, adventurous and coolest spots through a range of riddles, clues, assignements and challenges. Are you up for an adventure then find the Interlaken duckster treasure hunt here.

Swiss Adventure Duckster Hostel

The ducksters run their own adventure hostel in Interlaken that you and your stuffed animal could visit.