The adventure ducksters are avid foodies and warm weather affecionados. Therefore they thought it was time for an Autumn time warm weather trip to Spain. Valencia had been on there travel list for a while and after consulting with their migrating bird friends they knew Mediterranean Spanish Valencia would be a perfect getaway for the month of November.

Valencia and the Ducksters’ Spanish Adventures

Valencia is a beautiful city full of contrast between the modern and the ancient. From its stunning old town buildings to its hyper modern science museum, a central square bitcoin club and exchange and a fairytale based playground so immense that Gulliver’s travel tales becomes small themselves. The ducksters started in Valencia’s green belt the ‘Jardi del Turia’ with the stunning sites of Les Arts shaped like a fish, Hemisferic and Museo de las Ciencas all in ever more futuristic looking white architectural wonders. The Umbracle, a sort of open air and giant bird cage full of parrots that are voluntarily staying in the green oasis in the middle of central Valencia.

From there the Ducksters hopped on a bus and went to the central Mercado for some food and grocery shopping. Lovely place with great and super fresh food vibes.

Strolling through the old centre the ducksters then stumbled upon the impressive Placa de la Verge with its historical buildings and a surprising Bitcoin store, exchange and ATM. After buying some Sats the BTC loaden ducksters continued roaming the El Carmen neighbourhood.

Stumbling upon the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporania Museo (Contemporary Culture Museum in El Carmen area) the ducksters found out this great museum has free entrance. In it they discovered some cool sculptures and paintings including a green chicken and other duckster animal friends.

All in all the ducksters really loved their time in Spain and Valencia. More duckster travel adventures to Italy, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, Ecuador and France can be found in the global section and travels section of this website.

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