Vlêrkske had a busy day today. After reading Marc and Purple Disco Machine’s last message, he got the jitters a bit. He had to act, and act fast as the Swiss trip was getting closer and closer. And so the day started early today at the gym as it became really clear to him that he has to arrive absolutely fit and full in focus in Switzerland and Interlaken. How can you not arrive fit in the adventure capital of Europe!?

After having trained all the muscles wel in the gym l, he did some additional laps at home in his aquarium simultaneously hanging out with his fishy friends! Swimming is so nice…it almost seems that Vlerkske rubber duckseter was a natural born adventurer and swimmer….

Vlêrkske rubber duckster active sporty training day adventure Intelaken (3)

With so much workout time done he then went straight to the shower for some more aqua time but this time with soap and bubbles. Oh Binky Bubble would have love this too!

Once he had removed all sweat from his feathers and wings he did some reading a paragliding research because that flying activity in Interlaken seemed highly attractive. But but does Vlêrkske has the courage and dares to do it….!?

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